How to share access to your Google Domains account



Google Domains is a simple and elegant service for registering and managing your domain name.

If you have registered a domain through Google and you are working with us to either transfer your web hosting to erjjio and/or launch a new version of your website, it’s helpful to share access to your domain so we can make the necessary changes to its DNS records as part of the transfer / launch process.

The steps to share access with us will vary slightly, depending on the method you used when registering the domain with Google. You may have purchased it directly through the Google Domains website, or you may have purchased it indirectly as part of the setup of business email through Google Workspace, as explained in our related article here.

The steps below illustrate how to share access for both scenarios – please use whichever is applicable. If you’re not sure which method you used at the time, see the first section below which shows you how to check.

Check which purchase route you used

1. Open the Google Domains website.

2. Click the blue My domains button in the top-right corner of the window.

3. Click the My domains tab in the sidebar on the left. If you purchased your domain directly through Google Domains, it will be shown in the My domains section at the top. Whereas if you purchased it through Google Workspace as part of your business email setup, it will be shown at the bottom in the Domains with Google Workspace section.

If you bought it through Google Domains

1. Click the Manage link for the domain, within the My domains section.

2. Click the Registration settings tab in the sidebar on the left.

3. Scroll down to the Users section and click Add user.

4. Enter our email address then click Add.

5. Review the confirmation message then click Yes, add.

If you bought it through Google Workspace

1. Click the Manage with Google Workspace link, within the Domains with Google Workspace section.

2. Login with the business email address you used when you first created the Google Workspace account (i.e. the master/admin user for the account which manages the account’s billing etc).

3. From the menu in the top-left, go to Account > Domains > Manage domains – or simply search “manage domains” at the top and then click on the first result.

4. Next to your domain name, click View Details in the Status column.

5. Click Advanced DNS settings.

6. You should either be given the username and password for your domain host account (this may be a 3rd party system which Google had partnered with behind the scenes at the time, to provide you with the domain name registration service), or you might be directed back to the normal Google Domains website to manage the domain, as per the previous section in our article above.

7. If you’re given the username and password for a 3rd party domain host account, please send these login details to us securely, using the instructions we should have sent you separately about this.

You can find further help about the above steps on this Google Workspace help page.

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