Let’s plant trees and save lives together, with Eden Reforestation Projects


As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability, living green and helping to save the planet, we’re thrilled to have created a new partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects.

The team at Eden does incredible work all over the world – not only reversing deforestation, but simultaneously lifting local villagers out of poverty by creating employment through their tree planting programs.

Their project regions include Ethiopia, Haiti, Indonesia, Madagascar and Nepal. They’ve planted more than 200 million trees, and created more than 2 million days of employment for villagers.

Here’s how our new partnership works

Our green web hosting already makes your business eco-friendly by powering your website with 100% renewable energy. Now, we’ll also plant at least one tree exclusively on your behalf, every month.

If you subscribe to our Care Plan service to help you keep your website secure and lift the burden of updating its content from your shoulders, we’ll plant another tree for you, every month.

That means, if you subscribe to our green web hosting plan and both Care Plan options, you’ll be planting 36 trees every single year!

But check this out…

If you’d like us to design and build a new website for you, then we’ll plant not 1, not 2, not 3… but ONE HUNDRED TREES!

If you haven’t joined our mission at erjjio studios to power the world’s websites with clean, green energy, we’d really love to welcome you on board!

But we understand that you get millions of web designers contacting you to pitch their services all the time.

We truly believe we’re different. We don’t just want to help you create an awesome website that will show off your brand to the world. We want to help you save the world while we’re at it!

So as an extra little nudge…

If you’re thinking about working with us and simply drop us a message to say hello, we’ll plant a tree for you just for doing that – as a little token of our appreciation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m already an erjjio studios customer – will you plant trees for me?

A: Yes! If you already subscribe to our web hosting and/or care plan options, we’ll start planting trees for you automatically.

Q: Where can I find more information about the tree planting programs?

A: There are some excellent, short videos on the Eden Reforestation Website explaining the work they do, along with answers to FAQs – click here.

Q: How will I know you’re really planting trees for me?

A: You can track our contributions on the Eden website here and if you subscribe to our Care Plan reporting add-on we’ll also provide you with personalised reports on your individual contributions. We really want to plant as many trees as we can – we’d love it if you could help by jumping on board with us!

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