20 of the best UK green architects


Sustainable design is at the heart of everything we do here at erjjio studios.

We love creating websites which not only look superb, but are also respectful of the environment – by powering them with 100% renewable energy and planting thousands of trees on behalf of our clients every year.

By using green technology, we want to do our bit to protect the planet and construct a better future for generations to come – we’re on a mission to power the world’s websites with clean, green energy.

With our passion for clean lines, elegant details and a minimal aesthetic, it’s unsurprising that we’re also big fans of green architecture. What’s not to love about a beautiful, cutting-edge and sustainable built environment!

However, the buildings in which we all live and work are responsible for nearly 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions. A business can work hard to reduce energy usage with some effectiveness, but a poorly designed building will often make it much harder to avoid waste. It’s vital that buildings are designed with sustainable, eco-friendly, energy-saving principles and technologies in mind from the outset.

So if you’re planning some building work for your home or office, remember how important it is to consider its eco-credentials – and hire a sustainable architect!

We’ve put together the below list of twenty UK green architects that are doing some really inspiring work in the field of sustainable design. We think they deserve a shout out and a big Well Done! 🙂

ACA Architects

ACA brings an innovative approach to redefining traditional architectural values in the 21st century – values that are sensitive to both the built heritage and sustainability. For them, sustainability is not an architectural trend, it’s the heart of their business. They employ a conscious approach to energy and ecological conservation in designing every space, always aiming to ensure their actions won’t negatively impact the opportunities for future generations.


Allford Hall Monaghan Morris (AHMM) makes buildings that are satisfying and enjoyable to use, beautiful to look at and easy to understand. Sustainability is an integral part of good architecture and they work hard to make the best use of the opportunities presented by each project. They appreciate the importance of social, environmental and economic issues and work to actively address them in a focused, committed and effective manner, promoting an intelligent and considered approach to the way buildings are designed, developed and enjoyed.


Architype is a vibrant and dynamic architectural practice, whose purpose is to design life enhancing, genuinely sustainable architecture. They design with an energy and commitment that changes lives for the better, by creating places and spaces that have a positive impact on the people who use them, and on the immediate and wider environment. They challenge the conventional view that sustainable design is boring, complex and expensive and instead deliver beautiful and elegant buildings that are economic to build and easy to use.

Avanti Architects

Avanti Architects have an open and progressive design approach committed to creating socially sustainable and joyful buildings, places and spaces. Their environmental design philosophy follows a robust ‘fabric-first’ approach, ensuring that all opportunities for passive, low-technology energy-saving measures are adopted from the outset.

Ben Cunliffe Architects

Ben Cunliffe Architects design innovative, elegant, sustainable buildings which celebrate the use of natural light and materials. They are extremely environmentally conscious and they help to minimise the carbon footprint a new build can create by using local materials and local trades, in addition to sourcing products that are manufactured in the most environmentally friendly manner possible. They are at the forefront of low energy sustainable building design and have implemented a wide range of green technologies such as solar, bio-fuel, self-contained waste systems and reed bed filtration systems.


bere:architects creates beautiful, comfortable, high-performance and truly sustainable buildings. They are experts in sustainable design and are passionate about delivering aesthetics, performance, reliability and comfort. They develop solutions to the ecological challenges of our time and are committed to a vision of an intelligently and responsibly designed world.

Dittrich Hudson Vasetti Architects

DHV Architects is an innovative, design-led practice which specialises in architectural conservation and Passive Houses (aka Passivhaus) – a holistic design approach which reduces energy and heat losses in all types of building, not just houses. They take on projects of all scales where they can transform buildings through inspirational design, careful repair or strategic planning and have been featured many times in magazines such as Good Homes, Built It and Real Homes.

dRAW Architecture

dRAW’s philosophy is that every project should contribute socially, environmentally, technologically and contextually. Their design ethos is focused on creating high quality spaces that contribute to their surroundings, taking into consideration lifestyle, interior design, context and energy conservation. Sustainability is a key element of their design process and checkpoints are carefully built into all its stages.

E2 Architecture

E2 has established a reputation for designing beautiful and innovative buildings that delight and inspire. Their expertise lies in merging innovative, contemporary architecture with high-performing, energy-efficient building techniques and sympathetic restoration. They get a kick from producing socially and environmentally sustainable designs, which create elegant solutions to complex problems.

ECD Architects

ECD Architects specialises in the design of low energy, low environmental impact buildings, cost effectively and to the highest quality standards. With 4 decades of experience providing award winning, sustainable design, they have comprehensive knowledge of relevant, cost effective measures that provide measurable benefits drawn from the most current and up to date methods of energy and environmental conservation.

Eco Arc

Eco Arc is an ecological architects practice which has been committed to the ethos of Passive House / Passivhaus architecture, eco house design and sustainable building design for over 30 years. They design beautiful, healthy, green, sustainable and Passive House architecture built to the highest possible ecological low energy standards. Their architecture fits sensitively into its surroundings whilst fully responding to the needs and aspirations of their clients.

Eco Design Consultants

Eco Design Consultants designs exceptional, practical and fun places to live and work without detriment to others or the planet. They strive to deliver responsive solutions which have a minimal impact on the environment, and to share their enthusiasm for environmental sustainability. They are experts in Passivhaus architecture and also provide environmental consultancy, sustainability support and strategic development advice to housing associations and other architects.

Green Cities Architecture

Green Cities Architecture is a creative design and research studio with a primary focus on sustainable designs, improved construction methods and emerging technologies. They push boundaries in design and construction to deliver beautiful, bespoke and sustainable solutions within the built environment, which help improve lifestyles while protecting the environment and ecology.

Hewitt Studios

Hewitt Studios is an innovative, multi-disciplinary studio specialising in sustainable urban design, architecture and energy. Their definition of a sustainable project is holistic: the economic and social viability of a project is of equal importance to its environmental credentials. They love to work collaboratively, getting everyone onboard to create a truly sustainable and fully-considered outcome.

Koru Architects

Koru Architects is a design-led practice specialising in eco-design. Their mission is to create beautiful, high-performance, low-energy spaces that are delightful, comfortable and sustainable. Their designs are characterised by creative use of light and space, lateral thinking, attention to detail and the careful selection of natural materials. Their broader vision is to create a more sustainable society, and with every design they aim to enhance the built environment and the experience of its users, advance the green building movement and promote harmony with nature.

Martins Camisuli

Martins Camisuli believe that good design is generated by a thorough analysis of how the spaces they create will be used; whether this is for living, working, shopping, eating or relaxing. They strive to find the balance between the financial constraints of a project and the potential to explore creative design solutions towards the goal of a more sustainable environment. They are committed to providing client-focused architectural solutions which are simultaneously respectful of the wider historical, social and environmental contexts of their environment.

Nicolas Tye Architects

Nicolas Tye architects aspire to create extraordinary buildings and spaces, even from the most difficult of design briefs. They actively encourage consideration of sustainability and environmental issues, using natural, healthy materials, energy saving devices and efficient systems wherever possible, and have designed award winning Passive Houses. The world around us is changing immeasurably and they feel that architecture shouldn’t follow whimsical trends or fashions, but rather push the boundaries of design to create an elegant, timeless and invigorating built environment.

O2i Design Consultants

O2i Design Consultants is a family-run studio which has extensive experience in creating innovative, award-winning and sustainable architecture. As a responsible provider of architectural services, they believe that the long-term future of their architectural practice is best served by respecting the interests of all their stakeholders and they actively look for opportunities to improve the environment and to contribute to the wellbeing of the communities in which they trade.

Prewett Bizley

Prewett Bizley Architects produce well crafted, energy-efficient buildings with a sensitive approach to context. Through a creative dialogue with their clients they seek to create engaging, atmospheric spaces that are a pleasure to use and bring lasting improvements to the quality of people’s lives. Having pioneered some of the most extreme low-energy retrofit projects to date in the UK, they are passionate about the need to reduce the impact of buildings on the environment.


SS4 Architects places emphasis on design quality, user benefit and sustainability principles. They have worked on award-winning, diverse projects and have led best-practice sustainability schemes. Their work is strongly contemporary and covers many design approaches, from traditional architectural design and building procurement to branding and interior design.

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