Vertical Meadow

Living walls for the built environment

Our Role
  • Major design revamp
  • Copywriting
  • Development
  • Lead generation
  • Green hosting
Built Environment

Making the construction industry greener with low-maintenance, cost-effective living walls which boost biodiversity in urban environments.



Vertical Meadow creates living wall systems which grow wildflowers and grasses from seed, for applications such as construction site hoardings, scaffolding and building facades. Their systems are low cost, simple to procure / install / maintain, environmentally low-impact and boost biodiversity in cities.


Their previous website had been built as a favour by someone during the company’s early stages, and wasn’t fit for purpose anymore. They came to us to revamp the site and reflect the company’s growth, giving it a professional and engaging feel which captures the great work they’re doing to support nature.

A key element of our work involved developing their marketing copy in order to make their product offering clearer and more engaging. In particular, we restructured and evolved the content for their homepage so the user journey flows smoothly through the explanation of the problem and how Vertical Meadow solves it, including possible questions and objections being handled with FAQ.

We also helped them create a new system for generating enquiries more effectively, by putting their product brochure behind a lead capture form rather than linking to it directly from the page.


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