1 Planet 1 Choice

#1Planet1Choice is a new climate action campaign being created by the team at Planet First. They offer a well-known sustainability certification for reducing carbon emissions called ​The Planet Mark.

Their new #1Planet1Choice campaign will promote and give credit to all companies that are actively cutting their carbon footprint – it isn’t limited only to holders of The Planet Mark certification.

  • Designed and built from scratch
  • Custom designed, interactive graphics and functionality
  • Logo design
  • Fully responsive for mobile & tablet devices
  • Green hosting
Business Sector

Sustainability Consultancy

The Result

As per our brief we created a bold, eye-catching and engaging website, with custom functionality for filtering the list of participating companies by business sector.

Our work also included the creation of custom ‘Hot Earth’ and ‘Cool Earth’ graphics as seen at the top of the home page, and a logo for the campaign.

The campaign will be launching during 2020.

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